Thursday, 2 April 2020


LO: To describe a character's appearance and personality

Using the picture, and your imagination, can you write some character descriptions?
Use the example and the video below to help you!

Here's a video link to help you
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Benjam Bear

The huge, fluffy creature had a long snout with rows of teeth, which were pointed like daggers. His fearsome appearance dissappeared with one slow look from his warm, brown eyes. This wasn't any savage bear, but a kind-hearted, gentle creature. The sunlight shone, reflecting from his gleaming fur making it look as soft as silk. He strolled through the town, turning his head slowly to enjoy the view, paws padding cautiously along the thin, overgrown path. This beautiful bear was named Benjamin and he was the kindest and most caring bear that anybody would ever meet.

Can you use 'adjective, adjective noun'?
Can you try a simile (use as or like) ?