Friday, 31 July 2020

Sharing Home Learning

As most of you know already, we will be posting work for you to complete daily on the blog. 

If you would like to share any work you have done, you can take a picture of your work and upload it by clicking on the link below. If you type any work on your device, you can save this and upload it in the same way. This work will be saved in a dropbox which can only be accessed and viewed by your year group teachers.

If you are in Kingfishers use the following link:

If you are in Sparrows use the following link:

1) You will find the links on your class blog (see above). Select the link for your class which will take you to dropbox (see photo below):

2) Click on choose files and select the document, video or photograph that you would like to upload.

3) Click open to begin uploading your file.

4) Fill in your details before clicking upload.

Can't wait to see your home learning! Remember to fill in your details please.

Any questions please just comment below. Remember we are here to help.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Parent information for teaching Maths at home

Please look at this Maths information sheet, which provides information about how you can teach your child at home. 

Thursday, 2 April 2020


Don't forget to complete your PE session for today!

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Stay healthy and happy everyone!


Log into TTRockstars today to help out the school, only one day left and we're behind the other schools!

Kaseem in Swifts is Iveson's leading scorer at the moment, well done Kaseem!!


Don't forget to complete your PE session for today!

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Stay healthy and happy everyone!


LO: To describe a character's appearance and personality

Using the picture, and your imagination, can you write some character descriptions?
Use the example and the video below to help you!

Here's a video link to help you
Recorded with

Benjam Bear

The huge, fluffy creature had a long snout with rows of teeth, which were pointed like daggers. His fearsome appearance dissappeared with one slow look from his warm, brown eyes. This wasn't any savage bear, but a kind-hearted, gentle creature. The sunlight shone, reflecting from his gleaming fur making it look as soft as silk. He strolled through the town, turning his head slowly to enjoy the view, paws padding cautiously along the thin, overgrown path. This beautiful bear was named Benjamin and he was the kindest and most caring bear that anybody would ever meet.

Can you use 'adjective, adjective noun'?
Can you try a simile (use as or like) ?


LO:To understand properties of materials

Can remember your work on different materials and their properties?

Can you search for different materials used around your house?

How many things can you find that are made with transparent materials?
How many are made of metal?
Why are different materials used to make different things?
What materials can be bent, squashed, twisted or stretched?
What different materials are your shoes made of? Why these specific materials?

Can you draw the images and complete the sentences shown below?


Can you log into your classroom secrets account and complete this online quiz?


LO: To identify mistakes in common exception words

It's happened again!!

Your teacher's has made some mistakes in this writing, but can't spot them- can you?

Try rewriting her work without any mistakes!


LO: To solve addition and subtraction money problems

Look at the items in the shop, 1-9 on the right give you clues to how much each item costs, can you work them out?

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Virtual PE

Try this dance along video to keep fit and have fun!

How many time does it take for you to know all the moves?
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LO: To identify mistakes in common exception words

Your teacher's eyes are tired out from all this screen time! She has made some mistakes in this writing, but can't spot them- can you?

Try rewriting her work without all the mistakes!

Mental Maths

Remember to keep up to date on Numbots and TTRockstars!

How many points can you score?

Can you score points to help us compete against the other local schools?


LO: To add and subtract with money

Science Comprehension task

Can you log into your classroom secrets account and answer the questions about different habitats?
You will need to use your reading skills as well as your science knowledge!

Guided Reading

LO: To infer information

Use the image to help you to answer the questions. There is no right or wrong answer but you will have to use your imagination and reasoning skills to help you!

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

PE: Minion Dance Challenge

Can you try this Minions dance challenge?

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LO: To plan the events of a story

This image shows how it ends, but how did it start?

Using this image your task is to create a storyboard that ends in this picture.

Think about the key events that might have happened in a story to get to this point.
Who will your characters be?
Where will the story be set?

Remeber to draw and colour your images as neatly as you can!

Here is the outline of a storyboard to help you (it's a bit like a comic strip).

Where next?
What goes wrong?

Who helps?
How do the characters feel?
How is the problem solved?
Does anything else go wrong?
The animals...
Where are they? How do they feel?


LO: To spell common exception words

Log into your classroom secrets account to access this interactive spelling task. 

Can you write down the correct words as you go and write them into sentences?

Then and Now

LO: To compare hospitals of modern day and the past.

Can you compare modern day hospitals with those from the times of Florence Nightingale?

Think about what things are the same
Think about what things are different
Think about what has changed (or not)

Some things may not be obvious, so take your time and you can always come back to it!

Take a look at the Horrible Histories clip to help you!


LO: To add and subtract tens


Monday, 30 March 2020

Go Noodle!

Can you join in with this song and dance?

Keep fit whilst learning about syllables! 



LO: To substitute nouns

Can you swap out one NOUN for another so that the sentences are still grammatically correct, but mean different things?

Do you think there are any rules to substituting nouns?

LO: To group different animals

LO: To group different animals

Take a look at these different animals.
What habitat do you think they live in?
Can you sort these animals into different groups?
How would you sort the animals?
What groups can you think of? 

Try creating four circles and then draw your animals into their groups- remember to use colours!

Numbots Challenge

Have you logged into Numbots yet?

Use you TTRockstars login details to access the challenge!

Create your robot and start playing!

Florence Nigtingale

LO: To understand the changes made by a significant individual

Watch this video about Florence Nightingale

Below you will find a list of problems that were present in victorian hospitals.
Can you match the problem to the solution?
Try writing a few sentences about each to explain what Florence Nightingale did to improve the hospitals.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Fantastic Learning!

Wonderful to see all your learning from home, keep up the fantastic work.

Today's work is by Aoife and Amaya.


History- Florence Nightingale Fact File

Phonics- Spelling

Spooky spellings

Click on the link, then click on Year 2 tricky words. 

Good luck!

Reading at home

If you need to access to any reading books that we use at school. 

Follow this link to Oxford Owl

There are e-books that you can download in relation to your child's reading band or there may be other books that you could read together with your child.

English- Create a story map

Maths- Practise your times tables

Remember to keep practising your times tables.

TT Rockstars

Hit the button 

Maths- Addition and Subtraction Worded Problems

Good morning Year 2. Today I would like to use your addition and subtractions skills to answer these worded problems. Don't forget to use the same methods. Partitioning for addition and the counting on method for subtraction.

Good luck! 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Fantastic Learning Year 2

Well done everybody for working so hard! Its great to see all your wonderful learning at home.  

Today's work is by Atrisa, Dexter and Tia 


Art- Drawing Tessellations

Find a shape in the house, it could be from a tin, a glue stick anything that is a small shape in the house that you can draw around. 

Like in class use the shape to create a repeated pattern, like the image below.


We can't wait to see all your wonderful art work. Don't forget to take a picture and put it in drop box. 


Click on the link below: 

Then click on phase 5. 

Then click on the sounds you would like to practise and press go!


English- Create your own character