Monday 22 January 2024

Thursday 16 November 2023

Great Fire of London Game

Year 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and they have made a timeline of the events. 

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Geography - Researching Kenya

During Geography, the children created a fact file all about Kenya by researching key facts online. 

Friday 10 March 2023

Maths - Snow Day

In Year 2, children need to know their 2-, 5- and 10-times tables and division facts rapidly. We've been focusing on multiplication and division this week so practise these using the link below. For further challenge, move to your 3's (times and divide). 

If you are already confident with these tables. Please log in to Times Tables Rock Stars to practise harder tables. 

Finally, have a wonderful day playing in the snow! 

Miss Lennon and Mrs Simpson 

English - Snow Day

Year 2 are learning about 'Cautionary Tales' this week. We have been exploring morals in different fables. We have been learning about popular fables such as 'The Hare and the Tortoise', 'The Lion and the Mouse' and 'The Boy who cried Wolf'.

Listen to this new fable and think about what the moral of the story might be.

You might want to create your own fable using one of the morals below. You could create your own story map too.
  • Always be kind 
  • Slow and steady wins the race 
  • Don't boast 
  • It is important to share 

Saturday 4 March 2023

Educational Visit to Abbey House Museum

Year 2 had a wonderful time on their morning outing to Abbey House Museum. They experienced what life was like in Victorian Leeds and visited the galleries to see childhood toys from the past.  

Impressed Print

Across this term, Year 2 have been learning all about different printing techniques. This week they practised and created an impressed print of a London landmark. Excellent work everyone!  

SkyArts Afternoon with Mrs Dobson

A huge thank you to Mrs Dobson for leading a fantastic art lesson that the children thoroughly enjoyed. The children loved creating a portrait of someone who was special to them. There final pieces were excellent and full of colour and creativity. The final pieces will be posted soon so keep your eyes out.    

Friday 24 February 2023

What did Florence Nightingale do?

We started our new History topic this week which has really engaged the children! We are learning all about Florence Nightingale: Who was she? What did she do? Why does it matter to us? We started by looking at what hospitals were like before and after Florence Nightingale. The children became history detectives, looking through information for clues, and they came up with some fantastic thoughts and observations.






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Monday 20 February 2023

Finding equal groups

In Maths, we are starting to introduce division to the children. Today we had a practical lesson which involved splitting numbers into two or three equal groups – for example split 8 into 2 equal groups. The children practiced finding equal groups of different sizes and using this to write a division sentence.



The effects of exercise!

Before the half-term holiday, our Science topic was looking at hygiene and healthy living, which involved thinking about the effects that exercise has on our body. We decided that the best way to do this was to put it to the test! So we took part in five activities and recorded how we felt afterwards. We talked about how it increased our heartrate, made our breathing quicker, and sometimes made our arms and legs feel heavy! We also talked about the positive impact this has on in keeping our hearts healthy.


Thursday 26 January 2023

Art - printing cityscapes

We have been using printing techniques to create our own London cityscapes. We used a picture of the London skyline to recreate our own buildings by printing from different objects using blue, red and yellow paint. Have a look at some of the fantastic creations that the children have come up with!




PE - balance

We have been enjoying learning how to balance whilst doing different movements such as walking and running forwards and backwards, and jumping. We created a circuit to practice lots of different types of balancing.



Monday 23 January 2023

PE - jumping combinations

In PE, the children have been learning to maintain balance when jumping and landing. They used this skill to develop their own jumping combination, by combining 3 jumps and measuring the distance they travelled.   

Art - London Landmarks

Year 2 used continuous lines to record their ideas and knowledge of London Landmarks. Can you guess what famous landmarks they drew? Some children added tone to their drawing, which the children learned about last term. What a great start to our new art topic!  

NSPCC Number Day

 Number Day is on its way!!
Number day is taking place on the 3rd of February and we will be taking a new twist on number day this year. This year our number day will be linked to shape, space and measure. we will be participating in interactive maths activites all day, exploring everything linked to number and shape!

Can you create your own number themed outfit?

Friday 13 January 2023

Money games!

This week we have been learning about money in our Maths lessons. The children have enjoyed playing with coins and exploring how we can make different amounts of money. There is a fantastic game that you can play at home to help to build their knowledge and confidence – have a look here:


We have also started our new Geography topic looking at the United Kingdom, and we will be finding out more about the four countries that make up the UK over the next few weeks.

Friday 6 January 2023

Science - Absorbency

 Today Year 2 have been testing materials to find out which were absorbent and non-absorbent. They started by making predictions and then tested out the materials by watching how quickly they soaked up water. They tested cotton wool, cardboard, paper towels, kitchen roll, sponges and plastic. 

''We found out that the sponge was most absorbent.'' (Nubia)

Thursday 5 January 2023

Amazing Artwork

                                                         'A Fiery Night' 

By Sparrows Class, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night 

Friday 16 December 2022

Art - Making Calendars

Year 2 have been using charcoal, graphite pencils and other tools to create self-portraits for their yearly calendars. Can you guess who is who? 

Thursday 24 November 2022

Science - Materials

Today the children have been learning about properties of materials. Click the link to find out about more about materials and how they are made. 

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Fire Fire!

Today's visit from Cookridge Fire and Rescue Service was fantastic. The children learned about fire safety and asked brilliant questions to find out more. They found out ways to stay safe in emergency situations as well as learned about the fire triangle. Afterwards, the children saw the fire equipment, went into the fire engine and got to try on some uniform.  

Monday 21 November 2022

Science - Material Engineers!

The children were material engineers this afternoon and tested different types of materials to find the 'best' material for a waterproof coat. They discussed how to compare the materials in their groups and came up with lots of ideas. They decided to drip water onto the material until it seeps through into the glass jar. They used all their knowledge of properties of materials to make sensible predictions before they tested the materials to find the results.

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Art - Primary and Secondary Colours

Our Art topic this term is 'A Fiery Night', inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'. Year 2 explored primary and secondary colours in their sketchbooks and then experimented with the colours they'd mixed to test out their ideas. 

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Remembrance Day 2022

Today we talked about the importance of the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month and why we wear poppies on Remembrance day to remember those that gave their lives to make the world a better place for us. Then we created our own poppy artwork to display in our classroom. 


Great Fire of London

Year 2 have been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London. Here is a game that we've played in class to find out more about the event. 

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Outdoor Learning - Great Fire of London

Year 2 have had a fantastic afternoon learning about the Great Fire of London. They learned about the methods they used to build houses in 1666 and created strong wattle structures using sticks. They got there hands muddy making adding the daub mixture to finish off the wall. Afterwards the children investigated materials and decided which would be best to use to rebuild Thomas Farriner's bakery. The children made strong, windproof and waterproof bakerys using suitable materials! Great job Year 2!